We clean all aspects of your property from frames, all UPVC, panelling, canopies, guttering, fascias, garage doors etc.

We are the best at what we do and are a respectful and established company that gives only the best time after time.

Times change and many window cleaning companies these days only use the Reach & Wash method of window cleaning.  However, our window cleaning team still use tradional window cleaning techniques every day and there will always be a place for the traditional squeegee and applicator pad.

We use superior technology for the obvious reasons, not only does it give the best resuls and deliver customer satisfaction but is environmentally friendly.  The best bit is pure water is desired to return to its impure state; hence its capacity to absorb large amounts of dirt from your windows. We use pure water because it is more aggressive than unclean tap water therefore it is more effective against dirt on the glass surface. A word of warning this process involves brushing your windows clean with pure water. As such they will be left wet and will need time to dry naturally. This may be a bit disconcerting at first, as obviously this is not what you may be used to. Typically, depending on the condition of glass and frames a window may take 2-3 cleans (which will be done on your first visit) for the process to ‘leach’ all deposits from around the frame, resulting in an improved finish each time, until ultimately the finish will effectively be 100% spotless and sterile.

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